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“Aside from its attractive appearance, the most notable thing about Hometown Beer is the enormous number of old photographs and advertising found on every page of the book. …. Their research is exhaustive and thorough.  Hometown beer is an impressive literary achievement for those who love beer and brewing.”
                                                                                            Stan Galloway, Editor
                                                                                            American Breweriana Journal

“…  beautifully illustrated … and solidly researched new book.  The resulting book, 304 glossy pages and 585 photographs and illustrations, is the ultimate coffee-table book,  since every page is a fascinating window to another time and place.”
                                                                                            Charles Ferruzza, Entertainment Editor
                                                                                            The Sun Newspaper

“The authors provide a book that is similar to good beer in that it has a sturdy body and sufficient froth to keep the reader’s attention and add flavor to the tasty mix..”
                                                                                            Fred Slater, Timely Observations Emeritus       
                                                                                            St. Joseph News Press

“ … Hometown Beer comes as such a pleasant reading surprise.  (Maxwell and Sullivan’s) big, brawny book reveals that KC was awash in suds as far back as the 1850s. ….  (It) offers a kegful of information, but just as noteworthy is the outstanding collection of photographs.”
                                                                                            John Mark Eberhart
                                                                                            The Kansas City Star newspaper

“A wonderfully illustrated and well-written book that brings back to life a time when Kansas City was brimming over with pioneer vitality and entrepreneurial gusto.  A fellow could enjoy a good ball game at the neighborhood sandlot and a quality bronze elixir from any number of hometown breweries.  Sigh.  Life was good!”
                                                                                            Pat O’Neill, Jr., author
                                                                                            From the Bottom Up: The Story of the Irish in KC

“A new way to view the history of Kansas City.  Hometown Beer was fun to read with great pictures and stories.  Beer drinker or not, I think everybody in Kansas City will enjoy the book.”
                                                                                           Karen Loeffelholz
                                                                                           Historic Kansas City Foundation

“Hands down the best regional brewing history yet published.  Simply magnificent!”
                                                                                           Carl Miller
                                                                                           Author & Creator of BeerHistory.com

“This book sets the standard by which similar books will now be measured.” 
                                                                                           Don Rousinn
                                                                                           Breweriana author & collector, St. Louis,  MO